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Quality matters – to our customers and to the safety of our employees and subcontractors on the jobsite.

It is the policy of Building Construction Associates to ensure that appropriate installation practices and quality control procedures are implemented in order to produce a final product that complies with all applicable project standards and specifications. To support this objective, the project manager and jobsite superintendent will each perform the followings duties:

Specification Review:

Complete review of specification manual for:

  1. Bid items pertaining to our work
  2. Coordination with plans and notes
  3. Phasing of construction and schedule to ensure timely completion
  4. Compare architectural finish schedule with material types to ensure material types are specified appropriately
  5. Major furnishings and equipment to ensure coordination of component types, etc.
  6. Verify items listed as “as indicated” or “where indicated” are actually shown on the plans 
  7. To ensure all cross-references to other specification sections are accurate

Plan Review
Civil, Structural, Architectural, Mechanical, and Electrical:

Review plan sections listed above for:

  1. Utilities (old & new), including, but not limited to: telephone, electrical, sewer, water, gas, pipelines, and storm drainage
  2. Coordination of sidewalks, driveways, landscaping, fire hydrants, lighting easements, and rights-of-way
  3. To ensure construction phasing can be accomplished as specified
  4. Verify that specifications do not conflict with architectural plans
  5. Structural dimensions coordinate with architectural plans
  6. Check building penetrations against structural plans for conflicts
  7. Delineation of existing and new work
  8. Compare HVAC plans against architectural, electrical and structural plans and verify there are no conflicts with wall penetrations, firewalls are coordinated, lighting fixtures and diffusers do not overlap
  9. Verify lighting fixture locations against architectural reflected ceiling plan
  10. Review all equipment and furnishing locations which require electrical connections
  11. To ensure all firewalls maintain their integrity by specifications or plan notes
  12. Verify all plan dimensions
  13. Verify no plan notes conflict with specifications.

Jobsite Quality Control:

The project’s progress will be monitored by the project manager based on daily conversation with the job superintendent as well as frequent job site visits to ensure quality control. Job site meetings with the architect, owner, and subcontractors will be scheduled on a regular basis. In the event of possible discrepancy or should a problem arise, these meetings serve as a means for the architect/owner to inspect the work in progress and to give them a feel for where the project is as a whole. The project will be controlled by the job superintendent and project manager. The actual work in the project is the sole responsibility of the superintendent with the assistance of the project manager. Procurement of the project is the responsibility of the project manager with the assistance of an assistant project manager. Again, supervision and procurement is based on daily observation of job site activities.

Office Quality Control:

All suppliers and subcontractors must receive purchase orders for supplies ordered from field or office personnel. When the purchase order is submitted, our supplier will send the manufacturer all the required information and specifications for the project with the purchase order number. If the purchase order changes after submittal to the supplier, the supplier is to call and fax the appropriate changes to the office. The changes are approved and processed. Invoices are matched with the purchase orders and if discrepancies and found, they are immediately addressed. Projects that are quoted by suppliers are processed in the accounting system and in a separate quoted tracking spreadsheet to ensure the accuracy of the bid to the final pricing. Copies of invoices, purchase orders and spreadsheets are kept in a hard copy and on a floppy disc or CD for future referral. The billing process to the Owner goes through the Project Manager who has to approve work on the project before the pay request can be forwarded to the Owner/Architect for payment.